My Blue Community: Join the Conversation

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As a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts member, you have full access to My Blue Community—a health-focused social networking website that brings you together with other Blue Cross Blue Shield members from across the country in one convenient location. Join health and wellness conversations in a social and supportive setting, and while you're there, explore personal health or look for fitness and nutrition tips with the click of a button.

My Blue Community Offers:

Health & Wellness Support
Share tips and experiences with other members on a broad range of wellness topics.

Real-Time Health Dialogue
Participate in member posts and discussions on thousands of message board topics ranging from pregnancy to fitness to cooking light.

Supportive Member Connections
Share your voice and make connections with other health-minded individuals in a supportive atmosphere.

Your new online destination for social health and wellness awaits. You can find My Blue Community in the Healthier Living section of Member Central.