Provider Networks

The Ins and Outs of Provider Networks
For Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, providing access to quality care is a top priority. To help members get access to the best care, we have groups, or networks of pre-approved doctors and hospitals.

To create these networks, we created strict standards of care and quality by working with physician advisory boards and other experts. Doctors and hospitals must meet the quality standards before becoming part of our network.

Some doctors and hospitals choose not to become part of our network, but it doesn't mean that they don't offer quality care. It simply means that they are not part of the network. If you visit a doctor who is not part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts network, you're getting "out-of-network" care. If you visit a doctor who is part of the network, you're getting "in-network" care.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has health plans that offer lower costs for visiting network doctors and hospitals. Some of our plans go one step further, and divide the in-network costs into two or even three groups, called tiers.