Blue Select


The resources below are here to help you engage and educate your employees so they can get the most value from their Blue Select plan. You can download the documents below, or request printed copies by contacting your account executive.

Blue Select Launch Toolkit
When launching a new benefit plan at your company, it helps to have a plan. We provide that and more with our Blue Select launch toolkit.

With this guide, you can develop a custom timeline and communication plan that suits your company’s needs. Included are tips and access to communication templates and documents that will help you implement your plan.

View the Launch Toolkit

Promotional Materials

These documents can help communicate information about the Blue Select plan to inform your employees about how it works. Our promotional posters can be displayed to communicate your enrollment date.

Member Fact Sheet

Promotional postcard

Promotional Poster

Blue Select Tutorial
This educational video is a great way to introduce Blue Select to your employees. It defines and explains the benefits of Blue Select, and provides clear instruction on how to save with a limited network plan.

Blue Select Tutorial

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