Healthy Actions


Healthy Actions Wellness Program
Healthy Actions, a unique wellness program for employers with 1–99 employees enrolled in a qualifying plan, rewards covered employees for taking an active role in their health. And, effective July 1, 2015, based on employee success and participation rates, employers get rewarded with up to 7.5 percent of their premium. With Healthy Actions, everybody benefits!

Promote. Encourage. Get Rewarded.
The key to making Healthy Actions a success? Communication. For your employees to get the most from Healthy Actions, they need to know how it works and what's in it for them. We're here to help you build awareness around this rewarding program, starting with the communication tools below:

Launch Plan and Email Templates
Within a few weeks of your health plan's effective date, your covered employees will be able to register on the Healthy Actions portal and begin taking steps toward earning their incentives.

The timeline and customizable email templates below provide an easy way to raise awareness and promote participation throughout your plan year.

Timing Email Template
Month 2 Get up to $300 if you have Healthy Actions
Month 3 How it works
Month 4 Don't miss out on $300
Month 6 Time is running out
Month 8 Healthy Actions reward deadline

And remember, with this program you can also earn up to five percent of your premium as your employees succeed. Read our PDF Healthy Actions premium reward FAQs to learn more.