Healthy Actions


Healthy Actions Wellness Program

Healthy Actions is a unique wellness program available to employers with 1-99 employees enrolled in a qualifying plan.

The key to making Healthy Actions a success in your place of business? Communication.

For your employees to get the most from Healthy Actions, our new wellness incentive program, they need to know it exists, how it works, and what's in it for them.

We're here to help you create awareness around this exciting new program with the communication tools below.

To introduce your employees to this program and pique their interest, start by emailing, handing out, or hanging up this promotional poster.

Then distribute this fact sheet to show employees how easy it is to earn $300 with Healthy Actions.

Interactive Online Tutorial
Employees can learn more about Healthy Actions with our online tutorial. This interactive and engaging tutorial provides the basics of Healthy Actions in just a few minutes.

Healthy Actions Launch Plan

Once your plan is effective, your employees will be able to sign into the Healthy Actions portal and begin taking steps toward earning their incentives. With this program, your rewards also rise as your employees succeed.

This timeline and the associated resources provide an easy way to tell your employees about the program, how to participate, and what resources are available to them.

The resources below are in a customizable format that you can send via email, print out and distribute, or use in any of your existing communications.

Be sure to actively promote the Healthy Actions program to your employees to ensure that you earn your reward too.

Effective Date
Week 1
Send announcement to reintroduce the program to your employees PDF Announcement Email Template
Week 2
Drive members to take their assessment and promote the rewards PDF Follow-up Email 1
Week 3
Reinforce value of the program, rewards and steps PDF Follow-up Email 2
Week 3
Remind employees who have not already started toward earning their rewards PDF Follow-up Email 3