Hospital Choice Cost Sharing


The resources below can help you communicate information about your health plan and the Hospital Choice Cost Sharing plan feature. You can download the documents below or request printed copies by contacting your account executive.

Hospital Choice Cost Sharing Launch Kit
When preparing to offer a plan with the Hospital Choice Cost Sharing feature, a good place to start is with our ready-made launch kit, which provides a step-by-step approach to explaining this plan and its offerings, as well as resources for successful use.

You can customize this plan to match your company's timeline and communication needs.

Getting Started Guides
These easy-to-use guides help members understand and start using the Hospital Choice Cost Sharing feature:

Plan Education Tools

Hospital Choice Cost Sharing Online—This web site is dedicated to helping members understand and get started using their Hospital Choice Cost Sharing feature and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts health and wellness tools.

Network Understanding Tools

Online Provider Searches—Use our online search to quickly research hospitals, labs and imaging centers, as well as build customized directories for your clients.

Interactive Online Plan Tutorial and Planning guide
This tutorial gives members the basics of Hospital Choice Cost Sharing in just five minutes in an interactive and engaging format. It also includes a Planning Guide that helps members learn how to make the right decisions for themselves and their family.

This health plan option includes a tiered network feature called Hospital Choice Cost Sharing. As a member in this plan, you will pay different levels of cost share* (such as copayments and/or co-insurance) for certain services depending on the network* general hospital you choose to furnish those covered services. For most network* general hospitals, you will pay the lowest cost sharing level*. However, if you receive certain covered services from some network* general hospitals, you pay the highest cost sharing level*. A network* general hospital's cost sharing level may change from time to time. Overall changes to add another network* general hospital to the highest cost sharing level will happen no more than once each calendar year. For help in finding a network general hospital for which you pay the lowest cost sharing level, check the most current provider directory for your health plan option by downloading a PDF 2012 Hospital List, PDF 2013 Hospital List, or access the provider search page.

* - For the PPO plan designs, the different levels of cost sharing apply to in-network benefit levels at preferred general hospitals.