Education & Services Overview

Helping your employees understand their plan is a great first step in engaging your employees with their coverage. This section includes downloadable articles that can educate your employees on basic medical, dental, and pharmacy benefit concepts.
General Educational Tools Product-Specific Educational Tools
arrow Dental Give your employees the information they need to understand their dental benefits and maintain good oral health. arrow Consumer-Directed Health Care Access a wealth of support and tools, from launch calendars to deductible education guides, that help your employees better understand their health plan.
arrow Life & Disability Help your employees understand their life and disability benefits with articles and downloadable brochures. arrow Healthy Actions Ensure Healthy Actions is a success and get rewarded. Communication is key—and we're here to help you raise awareness and promote participation.
arrow Medical Help your employees understand their medical benefits with articles and downloadable Quick Start guides. arrow Hospital Choice Cost Sharing Get the tools to help make the launch of this cost sharing feature easier for you and your employees.
arrow Member Service Getting your employees the support they need is critical. In this section, you can download articles that empower your employees to get the answers they need. arrow Pathway to Savings Download the tools and emails you need to engage your employees and lower your health costs.
arrow Pharmacy Download articles and brochures explaining our programs, formulary, and benefits. arrow Personalized Member Tools Help your employees understand and manage their health plan using these pre-written emails, fact sheets, and articles that teach them about the online tools at Member Central.
arrow Vision Your eyes are important to your overall health. Help your employees understand the stand–alone vision benefit options and discounts that are available. arrow Telehealth Get the tools to educate your employees on their newest plan feature, and get them further engaged in managing their health.
arrow Tiered Network / Blue Options Get the tools to make launching this plan easier for you and your employees.
arrow Blue Select Get the resources you need to engage your employees, and educate them on how to save with their limited network plan.
arrow Voluntary Benefits Help your employees understand their voluntary benefits and promote our on-site information session.