Standard Formulary

A pharmacy formulary is the term we use to describe the complete list of prescription medications covered under your pharmacy benefit.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts formulary is the complete list of all medications covered under your pharmacy benefit.

This list includes over 4,000 covered brand name and generic medications. Our formulary was developed by doctors, pharmacists, and other experts who review clinical drug studies and determine which Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications are the most safe, effective, and reasonably priced.

We also maintain a list of non-covered medications not on our formulary. Most of these medications have equally safe and effective covered equivalents or covered alternatives that are on the formulary. For a complete list of non-covered medications and their covered alternatives, you can search our website, choose Pharmacy Program, and then go to the link, Search for Information on a Medication, along the left side of the page. You can also call the Member Service number located on the front of your ID card.