The resources below can help you communicate information about your health plan and the Telehealth plan feature. You can download the documents below.

Telehealth Toolkit
When preparing to offer a plan with the Telehealth feature, a good place to start is with our ready-made toolkit, which provides a step-by-step approach to explaining this innovative feature, as well as resources for successful use. You can customize this plan to match your company's timeline and communication needs.

View the toolkit

Telehealth Microsite
This digital asset is dedicated to helping members understand and start using Telehealth. Visit to get started.

Understanding Telehealth

Looking to learn more about Telehealth doctor video visits? Here you will get an overview of what Telehealth is, what it is for, and when it should be used.

Learn more about Telehealth.

Get Started Video Guide
Ready for your first doctor video visit but need to create your account and register with American Well, an independent company? No problem, get setup easily with this quick start guide that’ll have you connected with a doctor in no time.

View the get started guide.

Telehealth Promotional Tools
These documents help answer your employees’ questions about Telehealth and provide them with clear information that demystifies the doctor video visit experience.

Intranet Website Copy
Encourage your employees to learn more about this convenient plan feature. Use this copy to promote Telehealth on your company’s intranet.