Value Based Benefits


The resources below can help you communicate information about your health plan and the Value Based benefits. You can download the documents below or request printed copies by contacting your account executive.

Value Based Launch Kit
When preparing to offer a plan with Value Based Benefits feature, a good place to start is with our ready-made launch kit, which provides a step-by-step approach to explaining this plan and its offerings, as well as resources for successful use.

You can customize this plan to match your company's timeline and communication needs.

Getting Started Guide
This easy-to-use guide help members understand and start using Value Based Benefits:

Plan Education Tools

Value Based Benefits Online—This web site is dedicated to helping members understand and get started using their Value Based Benefits feature and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts health and wellness tools.

Value Based Medication List—A printable list of medications that are eligible for lower costs under the program.

Medication Lookup Tool—A searchable directory of our medications where members can see alternatives and copayment levels for medications.