Voluntary Benefits


To successfully launch voluntary benefits in your workplace, it's critical that you help your employees understand the value the benefits provide.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provides a wealth of resources that can help, including on-site information sessions.

The templates below are designed for you to send to your employees using your corporate email system prior to and during open enrollment. With each, there is a subject line and then information to use in the body of the email. You can copy and paste from this document into your email system.

Then, you can quickly and easily customize these temples. Each area where you should insert information is indicated in italics in the documents. In addition, you'll also want to customize the list of voluntary benefits in the emails to match those you are offering.

You can download the full email campaign or each email individually.

Email # Purpose Recommended Timing* Additional Resource
1 Introduce the voluntary benefits you are offering 3-4 weeks before sessions  
2 Provide more detail on the benefits 2-3 weeks before sessions
3 Highlight that informational sessions and 1-on-1 meetings are available 1-2 weeks before sessions
4 Remind employees about upcoming sessions 1-2 days before sessions begin

* You can customize this timing to meet your needs.

Other Resources

  • Promotional Poster — You can customize this poster with the dates and times of your on-site informational sessions.

  • Voluntary Benefits Handout — Add the dates and times for your company's information sessions and distribute this to employees to help them understand their voluntary benefits.

You can review more detail on the group voluntary benefits at the Indigo website.