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Making Better Health the Bottom Line
Controlling health care costs begins with helping employees make the connection between lifestyle and long-term health. That's why Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts continues to develop comprehensive worksite wellness programs that empower employees to make informed, healthy choices. Our wellness experts take a consultative approach in helping businesses of all types1 assess their employees' health status, develop an annual plan that addresses specific areas of need, and implement incentives designed to get employees involved, regardless of their health plan.2

MyBlueHealthSM, our robust wellness platform, features a wide array of online, onsite, and telephonic services to help employees set and reach their personal wellness goals. As part of our comprehensive wellness strategy, we offer the following online resources:

  • A comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Health coaching
  • Personal wellness plans on exercise, nutrition, and stress management
  • Lifestyle management programs related to smoking, emotional health, weight management, and medication adherence
  • Health trackers
  • Online communities
  • Family wellness plans
  • Health and wellness resources, healthy recipes, and more

In addition to our collection of online wellness resources, we are proud to offer telephonic health coaching and a variety of onsite screenings and seminars to help employers address the needs and interests of their employees. We also offer PDF-based health education kits to help employers create awareness around a variety of health care concerns, including stress management, oral health, sleep health, ergonomics, and more. All services and materials are available at special negotiated rates.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts recognizes that controlling health care costs begins with helping our accounts support their employees in making wise health care choices. For more information on our MyBlueHealth offerings, read the MyBlueHealth—Embrace Change or contact your account executive.


1 Consultative services available for groups with 51 or more subscribers

2 There is an additional fee for accounts to have non-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts members use

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