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Gain access to BluesEnroll, and take advantage of our enhanced, paperless tool, designed to make employee benefit management easy, while providing access to detailed reporting and convenient online resources.

With BluesEnroll you can:

  • Manage your employees' benefits at your convenience, anytime, anywhere
  • Generate in-depth reports within minutes
  • Benefit from online training and user tips

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Enrollment Management

The core of BlueLinks for Employers is our online enrollment management tool, which puts the power of secure, real-time plan management at your fingertips. With Enrollment Management, you can:

  • Add a subscriber, spouse, or dependent
  • Update personal information for a subscriber, spouse, or dependent
  • Transfer, reinstate, reenroll, or cancel coverage
  • Download group rosters
  • Order ID cards
  • Update PCP information

BlueLinks for Employers is about engaging in productive business partnerships and meeting the demands of today's health care management. When you register for BlueLinks for Employers, you take an important step toward streamlining your workload and becoming more efficient than ever before.

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