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Dental Blue Select rewards employees for staying in network with fewer out-of-pocket expenses through more comprehensive benefits when members receive services by in network dental providers, while still providing the choice to see out-of-network providers at a lower level of benefit. Employees who visit a non-participating dentist of their choice have more out of pocket expenses with a plan deductible and higher member co-insurance amounts. By offering a Dental Blue Select plan, employers maximize their employee benefits through greater in network cost predictability while still providing a dental plan that gives their employees the option to choose out of network providers.

Dental Blue Select offers access to a network of over 3,600 Dental Blue PPO provider locations for lower member cost shares by staying in network, while still providing access to out-of-network providers and also our national coverage with over 200,000 credentialed provider locations nationwide.

Our Dental Blue plans also include Maximum Rollover and Total Health Solutions which optimize our dental benefits even more, at no additional cost. Please refer to the Maximum Rollover and Total Health Solution brochures under the Marketing Materials tab, or contact your account executive for more details.

For more information on Dental Blue plans, and to compare different plans, use our comparison tool here.

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