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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has a long history of providing dental coverage. In fact, we have been meeting the dental care needs of our members for more than 45 years.

Our full suite of Dental Blue® plans are designed to meet your budget. Depending on the size of your organization, you can offer your employees everything from preventive dental services to comprehensive orthodontic and prosthodontic services. Many plans are highly customizable, allowing for true cost sharing and cost savings for your organization and your employees.

The Dental Blue network of providers is established here in Massachusetts and across the country. Whether your organization is based primarily in Massachusetts or has a workforce that spans the country, employees can find a network provider nearby.

  • Access more than 90 percent of the providers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island through the Dental Blue traditional indemnity network.
  • Dental Blue PPOSM provides access to in-network care through more than 3,600 provider locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
  • Each Dental Blue plan offers access to a network of nearly 200,000 provider locations nationwide.

Maximum Rollover Benefit
Because we understand that oral health is a crucial part of overall health and wellbeing, we include an additional benefit in our dental plans that will allow your employees to roll over a portion of their unused benefits from year to year.

Our dental plans include the Accumulated Maximum Rollover Benefit. This means that you can accumulate benefit dollars that offset higher out-of-pocket costs for complex procedures.

This benefit applies to automatically if you:

  • Receive at least one service during the benefit period
  • Remain a member of the plan for the benefit period
  • Do not exceed the claim payment threshold

Limits and restrictions apply. Refer to the Dental Maximum Rollover brochure or contact your account executive for more details.

Enhanced Dental Benefits
Enhanced Dental Benefits is a benefit design option that offers members diagnosed with diabetes, coronary artery disease, or who are pregnant additional, specific support. These benefits offer full coverage for preventive and non-surgical periodontal services that have been connected to the total health of individuals with these conditions.

What's the connection? Clinical studies have shown a relationship between periodontal disease—the most common infectious disease in adults—and the control of diabetes and the severity of heart disease. In addition, periodontal disease among pregnant women has been associated with an increased risk of delivering a preterm, low-birthweight baby. We also offer enhanced dental benefits to members with a diagnosis of oral cancer.

Coordinated Dental and Medical Care Strategies

  • Our Total Health Program
    We provide educational information to all participants in our Blue Care Connection® diabetes program about the role that good oral health plays in controlling diabetes. Dental Blue members enrolled in our Blue Care Connection diabetes program who have not used their dental benefits for preventive and periodontal services during the preceding 12 months are contacted by mail or telephone to offer encouragement and assistance in obtaining appropriate dental care.
  • Living Healthy Babies®'
    This resource provides moms-to-be with education about the connection between oral health and prenatal health, and promotes regular dental checkups.

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