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Healthy Actions

Get rewarded for helping your employees live a healthier life.

Your employees are your greatest investment—help keep them happy and healthy with our affordable wellness program, Healthy Actions. You can earn back up to 7.5% of your premium, and your employees can earn up to $300 in rewards, all while promoting a culture of health and wellbeing for your organization. With our program, you'll see:

  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Increased morale
  • Incentives that attract and retain workers

How It Works

For Employees: Employees can earn rewards by learning about their health and taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Employees must:

  • 1. Complete a quick online health assessment
  • 2. Ask their doctors to fill out the Healthy Actions form
  • 3. Submit the completed form from a computer, mobile device, by fax, or by mail
Based on their results, employees can earn the following rewards:

Healthy Employees | If the employee's doctor has determined that the employee is in good health, he or she will receive the full $300 reward.

Employees who need to improve their health | If the employee's doctor determines he or she has areas where their health could be improved, the doctor will assign health goals.

Employees will receive $100 for submitting their initial health form that outlines the goal set by their doctor, and receive an additional $200 when they meet their health goal and submit a second form.

For Employers: The premium reward that you receive is based on the percent of employees who finish the program and earn the full $300 reward.


Percent of employees who earn the full $300 reward: Your reward is:
  • 1.25% of your current year's premium*
  • 2.5% of your current year's premium*
  • 7.5% of your current year's premium*

*The premium reward is based on total premiums paid during the full 12-month contract period.

Learn more by viewing the Healthy Actions fact sheet.

Marketing Support

We provide everything you need to promote Healthy Actions to your employees. Visit Blue IQ to access fact sheets, posters, a tutorial, emails, and more.

To learn more about purchasing Healthy Actions for your employees, contact your broker or account executive today.


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