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Our PPO products deliver exceptional hospital and provider discounts, nationwide in-network access to the entire Blue Cross Blue Shield network, protection against balance billing, and lower costs per service.

PPO Members have access to a national network of providers—more than 1,000,000 physicians and 6,100 hospitals throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico through the BlueCard® program.

Beginning January 1, 2018, we'll implement changes to our health plans. These changes will ensure that our plans continue to meet the ongoing requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while continuing to provide high-quality, affordable health coverage options. Learn more about these updates and plan options.

Hospital Choice Cost Sharing Feature
Many of our standard plans for groups with 1-50 eligible employees now include the Hospital Choice Cost Sharing feature. With the feature, acute care hospitals in Massachusetts are grouped into two different cost sharing levels for members. This feature is optional for groups with more than 50 employees

Plans that include this feature will have the Hospital Choice Cost Sharing label within the tool below and on the cover of the Summary of Benefits.

Take advantage of our Hospital Cost Sharing feature

Hospital List with Cost Sharing Levels

PPO Out-of-Network Provider Reimbursement Change

This health plan option includes a tiered network feature called Hospital Choice Cost Sharing. As a member in this plan, you will pay pay different levels of in-network cost share (such as copayments and/or co-insurance) for certain services depending on the preferred general hospital you choose to furnish those covered services. For most preferred general hospitals, you will pay the lowest in-network cost sharing level. However, if you receive certain covered services from some preferred general hospitals, you pay the highest in-network cost sharing level. A preferred general hospital's cost sharing level may change from time to time. Overall changes to add another preferred general hospital to the highest cost sharing level will happen no more than once each calendar year. For help in finding a network* general hospital for which you pay the lowest cost sharing level, check the most current provider directory for your health plan option, download the hospital list above, or access the provider search page.

PPO Out-of-Network Provider Reimbursement Change


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