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Tiered Network / Blue Options

Tiered Network/Blue Options is a family of health plans that engages members with their health and coverage every time they get care through tiered benefits.

To improve the quality and affordability of health care, we will be implementing several enhancements to our standard plan designs. Learn about the plan changes designed to make health care more affordable.

With the plan, Massachusetts primary care provider (PCPs) and acute-care hospitals are placed into one of three benefits tiers based on how they scored on cost and nationally accepted quality benchmarks.

The tiered network drives value throughout the health plan because each time members seek care from a PCP or hospital, their cost sharing is based on the tier status of the provider they see.

This helps encourage members to consider the cost and quality of their PCP or hospital each time they get care and rewards them for choosing providers on the Enhanced or Standard Benefits Tiers.

Other benefits of the Blue Options family of plans:

  • Lower premium costs
  • The comprehensive coverage and easy to understand benefits of HMO Blue® and/or PPO Blue® plans
  • Access to office visits, prescriptions, emergency room visits, and mental health care for a copayment, similar to other HMO Blue and/or PPO Blue

Learn Blue Options in minutes.

Blue Options copayment only tutorial

watch and learn

Blue Options with deductible tutorial

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Have PPO Blue Options? PDF Read the fact sheet.

  • How Tiers Work for Version 4 & 5

  • Provider Search

  • Additional Information and Resources

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