The Municipal Blue Innovation Awards

The annual Municipal Blue Innovation Awards—a first-of-its kind in the state—honors those who "think outside the box" and take action to improve workplace health and lower health care costs in their community.

Read some examples of our winners.

2014 Winners 2013 Winners
  • Town of Chelmsford
  • Town of Douglas
  • Town of Saugus
  • Town of Sutton
  • Berkshire Health Group
  • Cape Cod Municipal Health Group
  • Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust
  • Mayflower Municipal Health Group
  • City of Amesbury
  • City of Fall River
  • City of Newburyport
  • Town of Ware
  • Mayflower Municipal Health Group
  • Southeastern Massachusetts Health Group

Mayflower Municipal Health Group

The Mayflower Municipal Health Group is a joint purchasing agreement that represents 34 cities, towns, counties, and other governmental entities. Their innovative wellness initiatives serve as a model for other employers across the Commonwealth, such as:

  • Onsite fitness classes
  • An employee vegetable garden
  • Nutrition newsletter subscriptions
  • A colonoscopy incentive program
  • Affiliations with the YMCA, Live Life Believe Fitness, and others

Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust

The Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust, which is comprised of 71 municipal entities, includes these wellness programs that are geared toward lowering health risks:

  • Physical activity programs such as 'The Fall Fitness Challenge' and onsite fitness classes
  • 'Passport to Health,' a campaign that uses onsite biometric screenings, onsite health coaching, and offers recommended age-related preventive screenings
  • A mini-grant program, where worksites can apply for a wellness grant to be used for programming at their location
  • A colonoscopy incentive program