Awards and Recognition

The Municipal Blue Innovation Awards

The annual Municipal Blue Innovation Awards—a first-of-its kind in the state—honors those who "think outside the box" and take action to improve workplace health and lower health care costs in their community.

Read some examples of our winners.

2014 Winners 2013 Winners
  • Town of Chelmsford
  • Town of Douglas
  • Town of Saugus
  • Town of Sutton
  • Berkshire Health Group
  • Cape Cod Municipal Health Group
  • Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust
  • Mayflower Municipal Health Group
  • City of Amesbury
  • City of Fall River
  • City of Newburyport
  • Town of Ware
  • Mayflower Municipal Health Group
  • Southeastern Massachusetts Health Group

Cape Cod Municipal Health Group

The Cape Cod Municipal Health Group was recognized for restructuring its employee health plan offerings, which resulted in a zero percent premium increase, and for its new, innovative wellness programs and website. In order to better manage future costs, the new wellness program includes, among other features:

  • Wellness consultants on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard to work with employees to promote healthy behaviors and activities through customized programs
  • A colonoscopy incentive program, and a mammography and biometric screening initiative, featuring prize raffles in an effort to engage employees

Town of Douglas

The Town of Douglas was recognized for the collaborative efforts of its town management and employees to redesign their health offerings, resulting in a significant savings for the town's taxpayers and its employees. The plan design served the town and its employees very well, as the town was able to deliver high-value health care benefits at an affordable cost, while helping to achieve much-needed budget savings.

Town of Saugus

The Town of Saugus was acknowledged for its collaborative efforts with local labor leaders to seek out new, innovative plan solutions through the MIIA Health Trust as a means to save on their health insurance premium costs. Employees will see greater options for their care, which includes no deductible when members seek care at an Enhanced Benefits Tier facility. Retirees will also have lower member copays for prescriptions.