Awards and Recognition

The Municipal Blue Innovation Awards

The annual Municipal Blue Innovation Awards—a first-of-its kind in the state—honors those who "think outside the box" and take action to improve workplace health and lower health care costs in their community.

Read some examples of our winners.

2014 Winners 2013 Winners
  • Town of Chelmsford
  • Town of Douglas
  • Town of Saugus
  • Town of Sutton
  • Berkshire Health Group
  • Cape Cod Municipal Health Group
  • Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust
  • Mayflower Municipal Health Group
  • City of Amesbury
  • City of Fall River
  • City of Newburyport
  • Town of Ware
  • Mayflower Municipal Health Group
  • Southeastern Massachusetts Health Group

Town Of Chelmsford

The Town of Chelmsford was recognized for its efforts in stabilizing cost increases to provide significant savings and ensuring its employees' benefits are sustainable. The town is also broadening its wellness initiatives and developing a specifically designed program based on clinical data provided by Blue Cross nurse case managers.

Berkshire Health Group

Berkshire Health Group offers a newly developed and customized diabetes education program for at-risk employees. This program serves as a model for innovative wellness programs to municipalities across the state.

The program includes:
  • A personalized wellness visit with a diabetes educator
  • A 30-minute lifestyle coaching session and a series of approved services that diabetics require for optimal management of the disease
  • A participation incentive
Additional wellness programs are also offered that aim to improve health by helping employees know their risk factors.

Town Of Sutton

The Town of Sutton was recognized for lowering community costs by instituting a cost savings initiative through a multi-year renewal, helping to save money for the town and taxpayers. The Town's wellness committee is working with Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA) and Blue Cross to implement long-term targeted programs and expanding on existing wellness initiatives to help employees achieve better health.