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Our municipal wellness team partners directly with towns and cities to ensure they get the most from their wellness program.

From beginning to end, our solutions are grounded in your specific needs to control costs and improve health. No other carrier in the state delivers this kind of focused wellness approach.

Focused on your needs
It starts with our detailed assessment of your claims and areas where your employees could improve their health.

Then our wellness manager, who has been working exclusively with municipalities for more than eight years, partners with you to design a customized program that builds a culture of wellness in your municipality.

This close partnership can lead to extraordinary results. Here are just a few examples:

  • Gateway Health Group's colonoscopy rate was below the state average when we started rewarding subscribers with a $50 gift card for having a physician-recommended colonoscopy. In 2010, they doubled the rate of screenings, and the program expanded this year to include spouses.

  • Our partnership with the Town of Plymouth to launch our Walking Works program resulted in more than 200 teachers making strides toward better health this spring.

  • We were able to help negotiate a discount for a monthly subscription to Nutrition Action Newsletter for the Berkshire Health Group. That newsletter is now being mailed directly to all subscribers and the feedback from the employees has been very positive.

  • We brought Beverly Hospital's smoking cessation program to the City of Beverly and the Mass General smoking cessation program to the City of Cambridge. In both cases, we helped build stronger connections between cities and their health care providers, and attacked one of their most persistent health challenges.

To see how we can help your workforce, please contact your account executive or broker.

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