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Why Blue?

Health coverage isn’t one size fits all. You need coverage that is personalized and unique to your organization. We have the history, the know-how, and the tools to help you. Here’s why Blue Cross is the right choice for you.

The Blue Cross Difference

  • Flexibility—You are not locked into a multi-year commitment.
  • Stable rates—Premium costs are guaranteed for a full 12 months. We charge a fixed administrative cost that gives you budgetary control.
  • Targeted health plan designs—We work directly with each city, town, and school district to develop innovative plan designs and robust wellness programs.
  • Lower costs—We help manage costs by combining market-leading network and provider contracts; integrated health care management; data-driven wellness programs with results; bundled pharmacy; and best-in-class claims cost containment strategies.
  • Excellent customer service—A whole service team, created just for municipalities and their employees. From on-site education to wellness programs, our dedicated Municipal Service team has the knowledge and the skills to help.
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