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Important Administrative Information (IAI) is a quarterly mailing that delivers the latest news about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts products and services to employers and consultants.


Current Editions:

Changes to Our Pharmacy Program
Beginning September 1, 2017, we're making changes to our covered medications list for commercial medical plans with pharmacy benefits, and Medex®' plans with the three-tier pharmacy benefit. Learn more.

New Prior Authorization Requirements for HMO, Access Blue, and Blue Choice Plans
Beginning September 1, 2017, we're introducing new prior authorization requirements for certain medications when they're administered under your employees' medical benefit. Learn more.

Proton Pump Inhibitors Will Be Excluded from Pharmacy Coverage
Beginning January 1, 2019, all proton pump inhibitors will be excluded from our pharmacy benefit coverage, except for members under the age of 18 and those taking combination medications to treat H. Pylori. Learn more.

AllCare Plus Specialty Pharmacy Is Joining Our Network
This summer your employees will have another retail specialty pharmacy option where they fill their prescriptions for specialty medications. Learn more.

Update to Out-of-Network Provider Claims Reimbursements for ASC PPO Plans
We're updating our standard out-of-network reimbursement benefit in order to reduce exposure to high, out-of-network charges. This update will take effect on 1/1/18 for eligible, fully insured PPO plans, and will now include eligible ASC PPO plans upon renewal in 2018. Learn more.

Important Update to Blue 20/20 Plans
We've updated coverage on our Exam-Plus and Exam-Only plans to include retinal imaging when having in-network services. Learn more.

We've Made Important Changes to the Indigo Website
We recently upgraded the Indigo Insurance Services website. Now you can find product information faster, and connect more quickly with a sales executive. Learn more.

Earn annual discounts with Pathway to Savings: Savings made simple.
Pathway to Savings is dedicated to helping you earn annual discounts on medical premiums by packaging together medical plans with Dental, Life & Disability, Vision & Voluntary products. Learn more.

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