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Important Administrative Information (IAI) is a quarterly mailing that delivers the latest news about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts products and services to employers and consultants. Sign up today to get the IAI sent directly to your email mailbox.

Current Editions:

Get ready for our newly improved Find a Doctor and Cost Estimator tool!
Later this year, we will unveil our newly redesigned Find a Doctor and Estimate Costs tool, giving members a simple and actionable way to take control of their health care.
Learn more.

New Tool Simplifies Dental Plan Comparison
You asked, we delivered! Our upgraded Plan Comparison Tool now includes dental. Use it to quickly search our dental plans by number of eligible employees, plan type, deductibles, orthodontia, and more. A printable comparison chart displays your results side by side, just as with medical.

Healthy Actions Program Employer Incentive Increase
We are excited to announce that we’re increasing our Healthy Actions program incentives beginning July 1, 2015. If 80 percent or more of your employees complete the Healthy Actions program, you will receive 7.5 percent (previously 5 percent) of the current year’s premium. Learn more.

We’ve Relocated Our Corporate Office
We’ve moved our headquarters. Find out our new address.



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