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Important Administrative Information (IAI) is a quarterly mailing that delivers the latest news about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts products and services to employers and consultants.


Current Editions:

Introducing Well Connection, Our New Doctor Video Visit Tool for Members
Beginning April 2, 2018, we'll be launching Well Connection, a new digital tool that lets members have live doctor video visits using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Well Connection is replacing the telehealth platform that our members currently use. Learn more.

Changes to Our Pharmacy Program (July 2018 Formulary Changes)
Beginning July 1, 2018, we're making changes to our covered medications list for medical plans with pharmacy benefits, and Medex®' plans with the three-tier pharmacy benefit. These changes affect medications switching tiers, medications that are no longer covered, and medication dosing limits. Learn more.

New Prior Authorization Requirements
Beginning July 1, 2018, prior authorization will be required for the certain medications. We encourage your employees to discuss this change with their health care provider. Learn more.

Changes to Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor Coverage
Beginning July 1, 2018, we'll provide coverage for continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) under the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefit. Previously, CGMs were covered under pharmacy benefits. Learn more.

ASC Invoices Going Paperless
Beginning in March, Administrative Services Contract (ASC) accounts will receive billing packet invoices by email only. January paid month 2018 invoices will be the final hard copy we send to ASC accounts. Learn more.

Introducing the Future High-Cost Member Report for ASC Accounts
We're pleased to introduce the Future High-Cost Member report for ASC accounts, which uses new predictive modeling logic to better identify members likely to incur high claims. Learn more.

New State Mandate on Contraceptive Coverage
On Monday November 20, 2017, Governor Baker signed into law the contraceptive ACCESS bill (An Act advancing contraceptive coverage and economic security in our state). This bill is effective May 20, 2018, and mandates coverage for the following contraceptive methods and services for females, with no cost sharing. Learn more.


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