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BlueValue RxSM Formulary Will Be Discontinued

Starting January 1, 2013, we will begin phasing out our generic medication-based formulary, BlueValue Rx.

Why Is This Happening?
In recent years, many high-cost brand name medications, such as Lipitor, have lost their patent protection. As this trend continues, more and more inexpensive generics will become available on the market. Thus a generic medication formulary will no longer offer the value to our accounts and members that it once did.

Starting January 1, 2013, as accounts renew, members enrolled in plans with BlueValue Rx will be transitioned to our standard formulary. There will be no disruption to any medications they may currently be taking.

What Plans Are Affected?
BlueValue Rx is the formulary for the following plan designs:

  • Access Blue Basic $2000
  • Access Blue Basic Saver
  • HMO Blue® Basic Value
  • HMO Blue ValueSM with BlueValue Rx

Please note that the plan design name HMO Blue Value with Blue Value Rx will be changed to HMO Blue Value II.


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