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MA Health Care Reform

The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law, enacted in 2006, requires nearly all Massachusetts residents to have health insurance. The law established an independent public entity, the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, also known as the Health Connector, which offers subsidized health plans and private, commercial plans to individuals and small businesses.

Minimum Creditable Coverage (MCC)—What's New for 2014?

Changes to minimum creditable coverage have been made since the requirements were initially established. Please see our fact sheet for a summary of the key core criteria.

To whom does MCC apply?
MCC applies to most Massachusetts residents who are 18 years or older.

Other than private health coverage, what other ways are there to meet the MCC requirement?
In addition to private health coverage that meets the specific MCC standards, Massachusetts residents can satisfy the MCC requirement with any of the coverage options below:

  • Medicare Parts A or B
  • Any Commonwealth Care plan
  • Any Commonwealth Choice plan (including Young Adult Plans)
  • MassHealth (except MassHealth Limited)
  • A federally qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP) that also meet MCC standards
  • A qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
  • A tribal or Indian Health Service plan
  • The U.S. Veterans Administration Health System
  • Peace Corps, VISTA, AmeriCorps, or National Civilian Community Corps coverage

How is MCC compliance reported and monitored?
By January 31, 2014, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will issue 2013 1099-HC forms for the 2013 tax year to qualifying members residing in Massachusetts who were enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts plan at any time during the 2013 calendar year. This form shows MCC compliance for each month of 2013 during which the member had health coverage that met MCC standards set by the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector.

What resources are available for more information?

For More Information On Call Visit
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