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Reducing Racial, Ethnic & Language
Disparities in Health Care

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, we are committed to a transformed health care system that provides safe, timely, effective, affordable, patient-centered care for all. Yet research shows that there are measurable differences in the care provided to people in Massachusetts based on their race, ethnicity, and primary language.

The Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council (HCQCC) was created by the Commonwealth to address these differences and improve health care quality, contain costs, and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in access to health care. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is represented on the Advisory Committee to the HCQCC and actively participates in its efforts to improve the care of everyone in the Commonwealth.

To better understand disparities and expand access to care, the HCQCC has developed regulations requiring all health plans within Massachusetts to collect racial, ethnic, and language data from a growing percentage of in-state members over time. It is completely voluntary for members to provide this information. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will begin collecting this data using an online survey accessible via Member Central.

We are required to share this information with the state; however, all member-specific information will be kept confidential. We will report the required data each month without any personally identifiable information. The primary use of the information will be for state agencies to evaluate disparities in access to and use of health care.

Please be assured that:

  • Individual information collected will be held in the strictest confidence; only de-identified data will be shared
  • The information collected can result in better care for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts members and our communities alike
  • Disclosure of racial and ethnic information is purely voluntary, and refusal to disclose this information will have no effect on a member's benefits or coverage

We believe that a greater understanding of the racial and ethnic makeup of our members is an important contribution to our efforts to better serve you. Collecting this information will help shape new programs and services for our members and give us a greater understanding of our members' need for materials translated into other languages.

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