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Supporting Health Care Consumerism with Cost Estimation Resources

As part of our commitment to making our members educated healthcare consumers, we continue to improve our suite of provider search and cost estimation tools available to members. Upcoming enhancements to Find a Doctor will improve the depth of cost information available and help members better understand potential maximum out-of-pocket costs.

Members can use Find a Doctor to quickly search hospitals and facilities in their area and receive cost estimates for hundreds of common medical services. Members can also compare the cost and quality of the facilities in their area to determine the best fit for their needs and budget. Additionally, once they've made a decision, members can use the integrated Google Maps resource to find directions to their facility of choice.

Additionally, if the member cannot obtain cost information for a particular service via Find a Doctor, members also have the ability to request a written estimate. They can simply call Member Service or log in to their Member Central account to submit a request online. Go to My Account/My Plan and Benefits and submit the written estimate request form.

Members can also print a PDF checklist to assist them in collecting the necessary information.

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