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Introducing ahealthyme Rewards, the wellness program that rewards healthy decisions.

We're pleased to introduce our new wellness incentive program, ahealthyme Rewards, powered by Virgin Pulse®', an independent company. ahealthyme Rewards is available to fully insured accounts with a renewal date of January 1, 2018, that have 100-249 subscribers. This program is fully funded by Blue Cross.

ahealthyme Rewards helps Blue Cross subscribers improve their health and well-being, while helping your company expand its culture of health. Program features include:

For Subscribers

  • A free Max BuzzTM health tracker
  • Up to $400 annually in rewards per subscriber
  • Personalized, digital experience based on subscribers' health and well-being goals
  • Motivational team and individual health challenges

For Employers

  • Better health among participating employees, translating into improved productivity, improved culture of well-being, and fewer sick days
  • A pre-packaged wellness solution with minimal administration
  • A robust communications toolkit that contains everything necessary to promote the program to their employees
  • Engagement reporting

For more information regarding the program, click here: ahealthyme Rewards account brochure.

Please direct all questions to your Blue Cross Account Executive.

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