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Anthem Cyber-Attack Member Impact

As previously communicated, Anthem Inc., a company that operates Blue Cross plans in 14 states, was the victim of a sophisticated cyber-attack.

Our analysis of data provided by Anthem indicates that the personal information of approximately 375,000 of our members (mostly out-of-state) was accessed illegally in this attack.

Like other Blue plans, most of our impacted members' information was stored in Anthem's databases from health care services they received in Anthem's states back to 2004. We also have some impacted members due to a partnership we had with Anthem to administer our Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, Blue Medicare Rx, from 2006 through 2009.

Of all our affected members, only a small fraction had their Social Security Numbers accessed. Our Member Service representatives will be calling these members this week. Additionally, credit card, medical, or financial information was not accessed for any of our members.

This week, Anthem is announcing its total membership impact in its various markets and we are releasing our own media statement. We will begin communicating about this with our customers, as Anthem also plans to start sending member notification letters very soon.

View a sample of the Anthem member letter.

We're working closely with Anthem to ensure that our impacted members are supported with the information and resources they need. Anthem is offering two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to all impacted or concerned members. More information is available at

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