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Watch and Share: Tutorials Explain Consumer-Directed and Blue Options Plans

If you offer a consumer-directed health plan or a Blue Options plan, you know it can be challenging for your employees to understand the ins and outs of their coverage. They are not alone. Over half of people in a deductible plan, and even more in a tiered-network, don't understand how their plan works. We are taking steps to help improve the overall plan understanding for members and make health insurance easier to use.

Tools for Learning
We are excited to offer a set of online tutorials to help your employees make sense of it all. Each tutorial is animated and just three to four minutes long. For consumer-directed health plans, we walk viewers through concepts like deductibles, financial accounts, and tax savings. For Blue Options, we explain how provider tiers work and what your employees' choices mean for their wallets.

Please watch the videos and feel free to share them, as applicable, with your employees. The videos also are available on Member Central.

Consumer-Directed Health Plan Tutorials
Consumer-directed health plans typically include a high-deductible health plan and one or more financial accounts that engage employees as they make decisions about their health care. Employees can use these accounts to offset costs and plan for future needs.

The three consumer-directed health plan tutorials explain:

  • How It Works: Members pay a lower premium for a higher deductible. Services like doctor visits, MRIs, and prescriptions are subject to the deductible. Members pay nothing for annual checkups.
  • Financial Accounts: We explain how HSAs and HRAs, are funded and managed, and how employees can use these accounts for tax savings.

Click to watch:
High Deductible Health Plan with HSA video
High Deductible Health Plan with HRA video

Blue Options Tutorials
Our Blue Options plans encourage employees to consider the cost and quality of their primary care providers and hospitals each time they get care. The two video tutorials show:

  • How It Works: Providers are assigned to the Enhanced Benefits Tier, the Standard Benefits Tier, or the Basic Benefits Tier based on how they scored on cost and nationally accepted quality benchmarks.
  • Real-life Example: Members see how their out-of-pocket costs might vary for, say, knee-replacement surgery done at three hospitals in different tiers.

Click to watch:
Blue Options Without Deductible video
Blue Options With Deductible video
PDFPPO Blue Options Fact Sheet

To find out more, contact your account executive.

* Source: New Member Understanding Research, 2012, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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