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Enhanced Cost Comparison Tool Helps PPO Members Better Manage Costs

We've improved our Medical Cost Comparison guide to make it even easier for our members of our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans and their doctors to make effective health care choices.

Our Medical Cost Comparison tool allows members to compare the approximate costs of medical procedures at health care providers across the country. By providing our members with cost and quality information, they have the data they need to make better informed decisions. To make this tool even more useful, we've:

  • Nearly doubled the number of procedures to more than 100
  • Added more detail to the cost data, including average and high to low costs for each provider

Delivering Healthcare Transparency
Sharing this information with members and their doctors provides the transparency they need to make informed decisions. It's just one part of our company-wide commitment to helping make healthcare more affordable.

In addition, this is part of our overall effort to help make healthcare affordable by sharing critical purchasing information with our members.

Compare Costs Now
To access the tool, members log on to Member Central, choose our cost and quality tools page in the Tools and Resources section, and then select Medical Cost Comparison Guide.

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