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CVS MinuteClinics®': Quick, Convenient Care

We've partnered with CVS to give Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts members access to a range of simple medical treatments at CVS MinuteClinics. Members can get care at these limited services clinics, usually for the same copayment as their primary care provider and without the need for a referral.

MinuteClinics are available 7 days a week at more than 30 eastern Massachusetts CVS locations. In addition to being convenient, MinuteClinics can help reduce costly visits to the emergency room.

Access in Massachusetts
Although we have agreements with many MinuteClinic locations, some clinics and health plans may not participate yet. Before members go for services, they should:

  • Visit find a doctor, select Find a Hospital/Facility, and choose Clinics, Limited Service for the specialty to find a participating location
  • Verify that their health plan is covered at the MinuteClinic location they choose to visit (for example, participation contracts for Medicare products take longer than for other commercial products)

Access Out-of-State
Members who wish to receive covered services at an limited services clinic outside Massachusetts may only do so if the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in that state has a contract with the clinic.

For More Information
At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the health of our members is our highest priority. With MinuteClinics—as well as our 24-hour Blue Care LineSM—our members now have access to faster, more convenient, and more affordable everyday healthcare than ever.

If you have any questions about MinuteClinics or our network of limited services clinics, please contact your account executive.

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