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Members Will Have an Easier Time Finding Doctors and Comparing Costs

Coming soon! We're enhancing the provider search and cost estimation capabilities within Find a Doctor, making it easier for members to find what they need and make more informed health care decisions.

With Find a Doctor, members will enjoy a more comprehensive user experience with upgrades such as:

  • Easier search for Behavioral Health specialties added to our specialty search, including three additional filters for:
    • disorders treated
    • treatment methods
    • subspecialties
  • Members will also be able to create personalized provider directories and print their search results, save them as a PDF, or email them.

Coming soon in January 2014, changes to our Cost estimation capabilities include:

  • Expanding the service to in-state HMO members so they can search for facility-level and professional-level total cost comparisons in Massachusetts.
  • In many markets across this country, expanding the number of searchable treatment categories for all our members who have access to total cost comparisons.

As a reminder Find a Doctor is accessible to members through Member Central. Members can access their Member Central account at and then click on Find a Doctor and select the cost estimates tab.

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