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Introducing Well Connection, Our New Doctor Video Visit Tool for Members

Beginning April 2, 2018, we'll be launching Well Connection, a new digital tool that lets members have live doctor video visits using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Well Connection is replacing the telehealth platform that our members currently use. This updated service will have a refreshed look and feel, as well as a new app and website. Well Connection will use a new platform that can be seamlessly upgraded to enhance the member experience.

We'll inform members who have already registered for Telehealth in advance of the change. Then on April 2, they'll receive email communications with a link to the Well Connection website prompting them to reset their current Telehealth password. Some basic member information will be transferred to the new platform when resetting the password. The current Telehealth app and website will still be available for members to access previous records, but they can only visit with providers using the new Well Connection app and website.

Marketing materials for accounts will be available on BlueIQ beginning in April.

We look forward to working with you to bring these exciting changes to our accounts and members.

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