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Introducing Zaffre Investments-A New Shade of Blue

Zaffre Investments is a new, wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. They make strategic investments that add new value and offerings for our customers, while strengthening and diversifying our core business.

Zaffre Investments is focused on key areas of diversification:

  • Web-based tools and technology for consumers and employers
  • Consumer-focused health care services
  • Financial services for providers and consumers
  • Value-based health care using advanced analytics, data storage and hosting, and IT solutions for accountable care organizations and medical management
  • New capabilities to be offered to other Blue Cross companies

Zaffre's First Investments
Zaffre has invested $1.5 million in InfoBionic, which developed a remote patient-monitoring platform that improves clinical efficiency and patient care with anytime, anywhere access to patient data. The platform reduces health care costs by improving inefficient analysis and reporting workflows. It also generates faster diagnoses and a better patient experience.

Zaffre has also invested $4.5 million in InformedDNA, the nation's largest independent provider of genetic testing. Using state-of-the-art technology, InformedDNA brings personalized health care to life by providing better understanding of families' health histories and genetics and offering genetic counseling to patients and providers.

This investment:

  • Supports our efforts to reduce spending on unnecessary testing
  • Improves the quality of patient care through better access to genetics experts
  • Elevates the role of prevention for members most at risk for chronic disease by offering personalized screening plans

To find out more about the InformedDNA investment, please read the press release.

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