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Limiting Spread of the Flu Virus

2016–2017 Flu Season
The flu can best be prevented with the current flu vaccine, which is updated annually to most closely match recent viral strains. At Blue Cross, we're committed to helping limit the spread of the flu virus. Experts recommend annual vaccines every flu season for everyone 6 months or older. We partner with doctors, hospitals, workplaces, and pharmacies to make it more convenient for our members to get their flu shots.

Members can receive a flu vaccine at any of these locations:

  • Provider offices
  • Limited services clinics (e.g. Minute Clinics® at CVS)
  • Worksite locations (if administered using a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts contracted vendor)
  • Public settings (city- and town-sponsored flu clinics)
  • Retail pharmacies (those participating with Express Scripts Inc.®)
  • Urgent care centers
  • Outpatient departments of hospitals
  • Home health care providers (in the member's home or at a flu clinic hosted by a home health provider)

For the 2016-2017 flu season, the CDC recommends against using the nasal spray flu vaccine, commonly supplied as FluMist. As such, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts won't cover this type of vaccine for the current flu season.

For more information about preventing and treating the flu, visit our Flu Facts page on Member Central.

Please contact your account executive for more information on approved vendors or to schedule a workplace-based flu clinic.

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