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New! Blue Funding Solution: A New Self-Funding Option

Employers with 51-99 employees: Maximize your potential for savings while limiting risk and managing cash flow.

Now employers that aren't usually eligible for self-funding can benefit from a new arrangement that offers limited risk exposure and potential year-end savings. Blue Funding Solution combines the savings potential of a traditional self-insured administrative service contract (ASC) with the predictable monthly payments of fully insured plans.

The advantages of Blue Funding Solution include:

  • Cash-Flow Flexibility: Consistent monthly payments let you manage your cash flow and budget for expenses.
  • Low Risk: If your actual claims are higher than estimated, the paired stop-loss insurance covers the deficit—so you won't owe anything additional.
  • Year-End Savings Potential: If your actual claims are lower than estimated, you can receive a credit for the difference (subject to the terms of the account agreement).
  • Easy to Administer: You get fixed monthly rates and easy-to-read reports. Plus, there are no stop-loss claims to file.
  • Choice of Plans: You can get Blue Funding Solution on standard HMO and PPO plans for the 51-99 market.
  • Additional Savings Available: You can add dental and ancillary products for package savings; select Hospital Choice Cost Sharing, tiered networks, or consumer-directed health plan designs; and add wellness activities and incentives.

Get the advantages of self-funding without all the risk.

Blue Funding Solution is available to employers with 51-99 employees (with 50+ enrolled subscribers) with an effective date beginning April 1, 2013.

Contact your account executive or broker for more information on Blue Funding Solution and to get a quote.

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