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Wellness Corner: The Path to Better Living Starts with Taking the ahealthyme Health Assessment!

The path to better living starts with taking the ahealthyme health assessment!

Our health assessment can help your employees enrolled in a Blue Cross medical plan identify their health risks and provide suggestions on how to improve their health. The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Questions focus on areas of health that employees can change, such as exercise, nutrition, tobacco, safety, and stress management. The survey also measures information like height and weight (which are used to calculate body mass index), blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and waist circumference.

When members have finished the survey, they receive an interactive, detailed report that rates their specific health risks (low risk, moderate risk, or high risk). They also get an overall wellness score. The results include personalized recommendations on how to start a journey to better health.

All Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts medical plan members over the age of 18 (with the exception of our senior plans) can take the health assessment. It is available in English and Spanish.

To get started, members should log in to the ahealthyme secure website at

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