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Life at BlueCrossMA

Work/Life Balance

To ensure our associates are the most capable and engaged professionals in our industry, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provides a wide variety of programs designed to help you balance your career and personal responsibilities. These programs create an environment that supports the diverse work/life needs of all associates, allowing them to focus on putting our members' health first.

  • Dependent Care. We offer several programs designed to help our associates care for their family members, including young children, school-age children or aging parents.
  • Educational Assistance. We offer a wealth of programs designed to maximize and develop your potential, and we encourage associates to continue their development through continuing education.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements. We recognize that you need flexibility in accomplishing your work—not necessarily decreasing the amount of time devoted to work, but the opportunity to restructure your time and place of your work. The company supports the use of flexible work arrangements when they meet both the business need and associates' needs.
  • Healthy Directions Program. The Healthy Directions program supports associates in adopting healthy lifestyles. Healthier associates enjoy a better quality of life, increased productivity at home and at work and lower health care costs.
  • Life Balance Support. This program offers expert advice, support, practical solutions, and online resources to help you and your family members manage your work and personal lives -- 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Services are free and confidential.
  • Time Off. Our time off benefits and policies allow you to take time off from work for many reasons—to refresh yourself during vacation, celebrate holidays, look after personal business, or take care of yourself (or others) during an illness.
  • Transportation Assistance. Our Qualified Transportation Expense Plan allows you to make before-tax payroll deductions to pay for eligible travel expenses you incur commuting to and from work.
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Work/Life Balance
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