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What employment opportunities are currently available at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts?
To view our current employment opportunities, search our job postings. You can use the search fields provided or click on the View All button

How do I submit a resume?
Each job posting you view will have a button at the bottom that will allow you to apply using our online response form. On the response form, fill in the required information. Click submit and your resume will become part of our searchable database. Submitting your resume more than once for the same position will NOT increase your chances of being contacted. We will contact you if your skills and qualifications match a position we are trying to fill.

How do I submit a cover letter?
You are only able to upload one resume document.  If you wish to include a cover letter with your submission, please combine your resume and cover letter into one document before uploading.

Why do I have to provide a profile?
The "My Career Center" feature allows you to create a job profile. Creating a job profile enables you to track the jobs you have applied for and to update your resume and/or contact information whenever you would like to do so. In addition, once you have created a job profile, you can apply for job openings simply by logging into My Career Center with an email address and password, selecting the job you are interested in, and "Submit". (Please note that you are required to create a job profile to apply for an open position at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.)

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Why am I prompted to fill our additional information when I apply to some employment opportunities but not for others?
If we have additional requirements for a specific position or need additional information from you, we include screening questions at the end of the submit resume page.

What is a "source" and why am I required to select one?
The source lets us know where you saw the position advertised or where you heard about the position. There are two source drop down menus that you are required to choose from when you submit a resume via our online response form. Please use the first drop down to chose from a list of high-level categories such as Advertisements, Job Boards, Job Fairs, etc. Next, use the second drop-down menu to indicate the specific source (i.e. the name of the advertisement, job board or job fair).

I tried to submit my resume using the online response form but the Web page indicated there was an error. What should I do?
If you are not running on a platform or browser supported by our online response form, you will need to upgrade your system and then revisit our site to apply online. Our online response form supports the following platforms and browsers:


  • IE 6, IE7, IE8
  • Safari 4.0.3
  • FireFox 3.0
  • Google Chrome 3.0

Make sure your browser is JavaScript enabled and accepts cookies.
If you are having technical difficulties on this site, please contact Kenexa Technical Support at KRsupport@kenexa.com or contact Kenexa at 1-800-291-7062.

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I submitted my resume to you, and now need to make changes. What should I do?
If you want to update your resume, please login to My Career Center with your email address and password. There you can update your information (this includes your resume, password and email address).

How do I know if you received my resume via the online response form?
You will receive a confirmation message on the site that confirms your resume has been successfully submitted. A follow up email will also be sent to your email address to confirm your resume was received.

Will I be notified if the job is filled or if I make it to the next step in the interview process?
If you received the confirmation message after submitting your resume, you can be sure we received your resume. If your skills and qualifications strongly match, a Recruiter will contact you. Due to the high volume of submittals we will only contact those candidates whose skills and qualifications most closely suit our needs.

Can I apply to more than one position at a time?
Yes, our site has a "Job Cart" feature that allows you to apply to more than one job at one time. Simply click "Add to Job Cart" whenever you see a job you are interested in. When you are ready to apply, login to the system and follow the application process.

What if a position I am interested in is not found on the careers page? Can I submit a resume anyway?
The most successful strategy for getting your resume reviewed is to apply directly for each position that you are interested in. You may still submit your resume even if you don't find a match with any of our current openings. Your resume will be available in the database for future consideration. You can also sign up for Job Alerts where you will receive notification via email whenever a new posting opens in the job category that you selected. You are able to unsubscribe at any time.

If you need to update your personal information, please consider using our Profile option so you can most easily change or modify your information in our system. This will eliminate the need for multiple submissions of your resume, which could, potentially, slow down the process of identifying you as a candidate for a particular position.

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How long are job postings generally on the website? Are they posted for a specific amount of time or until the job is filled?
A position will remain on our website until it is filled.

What is the "Send to a Friend" feature?
This feature allows you to email a job description to a friend who may be interested in one of our open positions. There is a "Send to a Friend" button at the bottom of each job posting.

Who can I contact for technical support?
If you are having technical difficulties on this site, please contact Kenexa Technical Support at KRsupport@kenexa.com or contact Kenexa at 1-800-291-7062.

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