What's your goal?

Get into your skinny jeans? Get a little healthier? Get a new lease on life? Whatever your health and fitness goals, the GoalGettersm free app can help you get there and keep track of your progress. So it's almost like having your own walking or running coach.

GoalGetter records all your routes so you can find them again later. And it includes a full-function pedometer and GPS mapping as well.

It’s simple to use and it's free. So you have nothing to lose except maybe a few extra pounds. To get GoalGetter, just tap on the iTunes App Store button.

You can check the progress you're making toward your goal at any time — starting with the Home screen. New routes and those you've already taken can be quickly accessed. Enter or edit settings to adjust the pedometer's sensitivity. And if there’s a route you want to send by email, just tap the Share icon.



  • GoalGetter saves all your routes and includes a full-function pedometer and GPS mapping.
  • Simple navigation quickly links to your routes and settings.
  • The status of your goal is displayed on every screen so you can always check your progress with just a glance.


  • GoalGetter works best with iPhone models that have built-in GPS.
  • Not as accurate on the original iPhone or iPod touch, which do not have built-in GPS.