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Take Charge of Your Wellness
Warmer weather is right around the corner! It's time to exchange those wool socks for running shoes and get out of the winter slump. This spring, recharge both your mental and physical state by taking advantage of one of our healthy programs. Each one focuses on helping you achieve a better YOU this year. Here are a few of the programs we offer:

Go Walking!
Not ready to run? Ease into physical activity with our Go Walking program. Walking is a natural and healthy way to exercise, and the Go Walking log can help you track your progress.

GoalGetterTM iPhone Apps
If your health and fitness goals include losing weight, exercising more, or eating well, use one of our free GoalGetter apps to help you reach your personal wellness goals. The EatBetter GoalGetter app helps you track what you eat and how many calories you burn from working out. The GoalGetter Pedometer app uses GPS mapping to count your steps, measure the distance you've travelled, and record all your routes so you can find them again later.

Want to know what you can do to improve your health? Find out by taking our Health Assessment at MyBlueHealth. You'll get a Personal Health Report along with tools to address your specific health needs, including online coaching, personal exercise plans, nutrition guides, and more.

Participate in one or more of these programs to kick start your way into spring and summer. Learn more about these and a number of other healthier living programs.