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Take the Massachusetts Race, Ethnicity & Language Survey


Improve Health Care for You—and All Massachusetts Residents
Everyone deserves high-quality, affordable health care, no matter what language they speak or no matter what their race or ethnicity. In order to provide that care, we need to know what populations we serve. So to help the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services reduce disparity in health care, we are asking our members to take a voluntary survey to collect race, ethnicity, and language information.

The answers we receive will help shape new programs and enhance our understanding of our members' need for information and support services in languages other than English.

We Need Your Assistance
To take this voluntary survey, please create an account or log in to Member Central and go to the My Account tab in the upper left section of the page. Select My Race, Ethnicity & Language from the menu.

Thank you for your help in this important initiative.