Healthy Times

Have a Safe and Healthy Summer


Summer is here—which means it's time to fire up the grill, hit the open road, and get outdoors. While it's a great time to be outside, traveling, and having fun, it's also a good time to be cautious about your health. Take these steps to ensure a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer for all.

If you are... Make sure to...
Outside in direct sun
  • Use a creamy sunscreen instead of a spray or powder, and reapply often
  • Apply sunscreen on kids before camp, daycare, and outings
  • Wear protective clothing and a hat with a brim
  • Avoid midday sun by taking walks in the morning or evening
  • Use an umbrella if you can't sit in a shady spot
  • Stock up on enough medications to last your entire trip
  • Get any recommended immunizations, including tetanus and flu shots
Caught in a thunderstorm


  • Get inside a building or an all-metal vehicle (not a convertible)
  • Get out of the water, off the beach, and out of small boats
  • Avoid metallic objects like golf clubs, fishing rods, rackets, and tools


  • Stay out of the shower or bathtub
  • Don't use a corded phone or a computer
  • Unplug appliances like televisions and air conditioners

No matter how cautious and prepared you are, accidents happen. So call 911 if you have an emergency where your health or the health of another (including an unborn child) is in serious jeopardy.