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For Your Eyes Only: Exclusive Vision Discounts


Improve your vision—and save at the same time. Here's how:

Save 25 Percent or More on Laser Surgery1
If you're a candidate for a laser correction procedure, you may qualify for up to a 25 percent discount or a 5 percent discount on other advertised specials (whichever saves you more) at a Davis Vision®' laser vision correction (LVC) provider.

Save up to 25 Percent on Frames and Lenses
Enjoy a 25 percent savings on frames and lenses and 20 percent on daily-wear contact lenses (10 percent on disposables) at over 1,500 participating eyewear retailers in New England and over 13,000 retailers nationwide.

Special Savings on Contact Lenses and Supplies
If you wear contacts, you can enjoy special savings2 and the convenience of mail-order delivery on replacement lens through the Lens 123TM program.

Ready to see more? Go to Vision Discounts for details and to find a provider.

  1. Some Davis Vision LVC providers may charge a flat fee in lieu of the discounts described above. Members should check with the participating providers for specific discount details.
  2. Where not precluded by state law/regulation.