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Medicare HMO Blue ValueRx (HMO)

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Benefits at a Glance

Medicare HMO BlueSM ValueRx

Monthly Plan Premium


Plan Information


Doctor Office Visits

$20 copay per visit

Specialist Office Visits

$40 copay per visit

Medicare Preventive Services

$0 copay per visit

Annual Medical Out-of-Pocket Maximum


Inpatient Care

Days 1—5: $250 copay per day

Outpatient Hospital Care / Surgery

$200 copay per visit

Diagnostic Procedures, Tests and Lab Services

$20 copay per day for lab, X-rays, and other diagnostic tests; $150 copay per day for certain high-tech imaging

Emergency Care

$65 copay per visit

Other Preventive Services

Preventive Dental

$40 copay per visit

Annual Routine Vision Exam

$40 copay for 1 routine test per year

Eyeglasses Benefit

$150 limit for routine eyewear every 2 years

Annual Routine Hearing Exam

$20—$40 copay for 1 routine test per year

Hearing Aid Benefit

Not covered

Annual Fitness Benefit

Up to $150 toward fitness club membership per year

Weight Loss Benefit

Up to $150 toward fees paid for qualified Weight Watchers®'' or hospital-based weight loss programs

Prescription Drug Coverage


Annual Deductible

$0 for Tiers 1 and 2; $310 for Tiers 3, 4 and 5

Initial Coverage

30-day retail

90-day mail order

Tier 1: Preferred Generic

$4 copay

$4 copay

Tier 2: Non-Preferred Generic $8 copay
$16 copay
Tier 3: Preferred Brand
$45 copay
$90 copay
Tier 4: Non-Preferred Brand
$95 copay
$190 copay
Tier 5: Specialty Drugs 25% of the cost 25% of the cost

Coverage Gap Glossary

After your total yearly drug costs reach $2,850, you receive limited coverage by the plan on certain drugs. For covered generics, you pay 72% of the plan's costs. For covered brand drugs, you pay no more than 47.5% of the plan's costs (excluding dispensing fees)

Catastrophic Coverage Glossary

After your yearly out-of-pocket drug costs reach $4,550, you pay the greater of:
$2.55 copay for generics or drugs treated like generic drugs
$6.35 copay for all other drugs; or 5% of the cost

As a Medicare HMO Blue ValueRx plan member, you get additional benefits beyond Original Medicare, such as:

  • Coverage for routine hearing exams and vision care

  • Allowances toward eyewear

  • Routine preventive dental care

  • Prevention and wellness programs

  • Worldwide coverage for emergency care

Medicare HMO Blue ValueRx also offers Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. This makes it easy for you to get your medical and prescription benefits from one plan.

Summary of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage

*Your monthly premium will be different if you qualify for Extra Help from Medicare.