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Health Care Reform for

This historic legislation will mean important and sweeping changes to the health care system that will affect almost everyone in a wide variety of ways. The bulk of these changes are scheduled to take effect in 2014, but many are being implemented now and in the months ahead.

Straight Answers on Health Care Reform

Understand the key health care reform provisions and how they impact your business.

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Provisions That Apply to

Here is an overview of important provisions in health care reform for different groups and when they will take effect.

Provisions Taking Effect in 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

National health care reform affects just about everyone in the country, including brokers, employers and individuals. For answers to your questions about how it will affect you, click on the links below.

For More Information

Want to learn more about how health care reform will affect your clients? Here are helpful links to the information you need.

Department of Labor

For more information on Affordable Care Act regulations and guidance.

What Small Businesses Need to Know

For helpful hints on what small businesses need to know about the Affordable Care Act.


Educational information for employers of all sizes on how the Affordable Care Act may affect their business.

Department of the Treasury

Affordable Care Act guidance and regulations.