Textsize: Is My Prescription Covered for 2013?

If you are an individual plan member, follow these easy steps to learn whether our Medicare Advantage plans cover your Medicare Part D prescription medications. In some cases, retail drugs and supplies are covered under your Part B of Original Medicare medical benefit (e.g. lancets, test strips). By law, certain types of drugs or categories of drugs are not covered under Medicare Part D.

If your eligible Medicare Part D medication is not on the list, you may ask us to cover that medication by requesting a formulary exception. Visit the Appeals and Grievances section for more information.

To see a complete list of drugs within our formulary,View glossary definition. view the documents below:

For certain prescription drugs, we have additional requirements for coverage or limits on our coverage. This ensures that our members use these drugs in a safe way. Visit the Prior Authorization, Step Therapy, and Quality Care Dosing Requirements section for more information.

The formulary was last updated on: 11/2013. The formulary may change during the year.

There are two ways to search. You may enter at least the first three letters of your medication name or select the Therapeutic class from the drop down list and then click the "Search" button. Please note that Therapeutic Class is an optional field.

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