Hospital Choice Cost Sharing Planning Guide

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Research Your Doctors' Hospital Affiliations
A doctor's hospital affiliations are the hospitals where he or she can provide care (also known as hospital privileges). It's important to know your doctor's hospital affiliation before you need care because your costs will be based on the hospital you choose.

And when you're choosing new doctors, be sure to check their hospital affiliation before you make an appointment.

Primary Care Provider (PCP)
The hospital(s) where your PCP is affiliated may affect where he or she will refer you for specialist care. This is because it's easier for him or her to coordinate your care when you are at a hospital where your PCP is affiliated. Check your PCP's hospital affiliation and talk to him or her about where you would like to be referred.

When you need specialty care, you should check where your specialist is affiliated before getting care. This is because if your specialist is going to send you to a hospital for care, your costs for that care will be based on the hospital where you receive your care.

How to Check Your Doctor's Hospital Affiliation


Use our Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs tool:

  • Go to Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs
  • Enter Your Plan's Network and doctor name
  • Select the doctor's name from the list
  • Click on the Hospital Affiliation tab
  • You'll see a list of hospitals where your doctor is affiliated

Call your doctor's office and ask where he or she is affiliated.


For help finding a doctor's hospital affiliation or a Lower Cost Share hospital, call Member Service at 1-888-636-4808.

Once you know a doctor's hospital affiliation, check if the hospital or affiliated location is Lower or Higher Cost Share.

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