Healthy Actions

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If you currently have a plan with the Healthy Actions wellness program, then being healthy can really pay off! You can earn up to $300 just for getting and staying healthy.

Ready to Get Started?
If your plan includes the Healthy Actions program, to get started and earn the maximum health reward of $300, you must complete the following activities:

  • Register online at once your plan is effective and complete a short online health assessment

  • Ask your doctor to fill out a Clinician Health Review form. Note: You may need to schedule a physical (remember, certain preventive care is available at no additional cost to you). If you are already up-to-date with your preventive screenings and have recently had a physical, you can ask your doctor to fill out the form without a new visit

  • Fax the form to 1-855-232-9157, or mail to:

    Healthy Actions c/o IncentiSoft Solutions
    20445 Emerald Parkway Drive SW, Suite 400
    Cleveland, OH 44135

Receive a $300 Visa debit card within two to three weeks after you've submitted your results, if your doctor determines that your health is fine1.

If your doctor sets a goal for you to meet (for example, lower your cholesterol) before the end of your plan year, you'll get $100 Visa debit card for taking the assessment and submitting the Clinician Health Review form. You will get an additional $200 card when you submit an additional form indicating you have successfully met the goals set by your doctor.

View the Healthy Actions online tutorial at and register to access the online health assessment once your plan is effective.

Still have questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Healthy Actions is available to you only if you are:

  • An employee in a qualifying Blue Cross group plan and your employer currently offers this program, or;
  • A direct-pay subscriber in a qualifying plan and you purchased the program.

1. If you bought a qualifying Blue Cross plan and the Healthy Actions program on your own, meaning not through an employer, then how you earn your $300 reward is different. Please refer to your program welcome letter and Evidence of Coverage insert for your specific requirements.