What is an HMO?

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Our HMO plans offer reliable coverage and access to the best doctors and hospitals in Massachusetts. No matter which HMO plan you choose, it will have these features:

  • You choose a primary care provider (PCP) from your plan network
  • Your PCP oversees your care and refers you to specialists
  • Your care is covered when your doctors and hospitals are members of your plan network

Generally, our HMO plans cover these types of care:

  • Inpatient and outpatient medical care
  • Mental health/substance use
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • Preventive care covered with no out-of-pocket costs

To get the specifics of your plan, check your subscriber certificate or visit MyBlue and click on the Using My Plan tab. Your member ID card contains valuable information so it's important for you to card. Watch our Managed Care video to learn more about your health plan.